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The Achievements of the 47

The legacy of the 47 is exemplified by a list of achievements, which includes the following:

  • 6,300 families rehoused from tenements, flats and maisonettes
  • 2, 873 tenement flats demolished
  • 1,315 walk-up flats demolished
  • 2,086 flats/maisonettes demolished
  • 4,800 houses and bungalows built
  • 7,400 houses and flats improved
  • 600 houses/bungalows created by ‘top-downing’ 1,315 walk-up flats
  • 25 new Housing Action Areas being developed
  • 6 new nursery classes built and open
  • 17 Community Comprehensive Schools established following a massive re-organisation
  • £10million spent on school improvements
  • Five new sports centres, one with a leisure pool attached, built and open
  • Two thousand additional jobs provided for in Liverpool City Council Budget
  • Ten thousand people per year employed on Council’s Capital Programme
  • Three new parks built
  • Rents frozen for five years
In addition there was the political legacy bequeathed by a Socialist Council. It demonstrated that, in spite of the Thatcher government's restrictions and destructive policies, deep-seated problems that affected working people could be addressed. The 47 proved that if the political will was there, fundamental change for the better could be introduced into people’s lives. Also that a radical Socialist programme would be supported at the ballot box.





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